Life happens

I had a great idea for a post yesterday. It was going to be amazing. Then life happened. Had to deal with the old cell phone company about an unexpected charge in the morning. Worked much later than I usually do. Ran out of the limited hours in the day and did not write anything. So not only no post but no decluttering.

Does that mean I get to skip a day? Well, it could. Nothing wrong with that. I don’t have a deadline for this. The only ramification would be that a few things stay around longer. No need to beat myself up over that. But this week I decided to make up for it. Yesterday would have been six items and today is seven items. So I present to you my thirteen items.


From upper left to lower right:

  • Duffle bag with some brewing gear. I haven’t made mead since moving to Portland.
  • Three packages of metal shot. For the wrist rocket I don’t use.
  • Juggling sticks. They light up and are really neat but I don’t like their feel and balance.
  • Trophy Queen purse. This belonged to Jules but wasn’t her style so she gave it to me. My style has changed.
  • Leather flyswatter. Kind of cool concept but doesn’t work for me. Never used.
  • A bunch of jars I used for infusing vodka and brandy. I used them as recently as last year, but I can buy fruit infused alcohol now.
  • Shelves to a bookcase that fell apart.
  • Makeup case. I’ve had this for years. The entire time it has held jewelry that I’ve never worn.
  • The jewelry I’ve never worn.
  • Three bottles of bubbles. Out of everything I’m moving into declutter, these are the most likely to be taken back. Because my dog sometimes likes to chase bubbles.
  • Belt pouch. This was given to me by a friend because she no longer uses it and I have one in a different color. However this one is too small for me.
  • Arm warmers. I think they’re cashmere. Maybe angora. Again, an old style of mine.
  • A shoulder pouch. It matches the belt pouch I’m keeping, but I don’t like it.

There. Thirteen in one day. Now you may say “Val, it’s easy to get rid of stuff you don’t use!” To which I would reply “If it is so easy then why did I keep them for so many years?”

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